Wednesday, January 04, 2006

White LED Interlude

Let me start by remarking that if you're ever in the northern Bergen County, NJ area and need some sort of small electronic part, you should really head on over to the Radio Shack in Midland Park. They actually know what the heck they're talking about over there! The fellow who helped me find the white LEDs actually made certain I had a resistor to put in front of the LED so that I wouldn't toast it! Needless to say, I was impressed. Every other Radio Shack I've been to recently would rather sell me a cell phone than help me find a 2N2222 transistor that I'd asked for. Highly inappropriate. As I was about to leave, the guy said that he guessed he'd see me back there again. I told him that when I needed parts, I'd know where to go.
Speaking of northern Bergen County, the Ridgewood Public Library has recently undergone an extensive renovation. If you get a chance, go have a look-see. It's beautiful!
But about today's project...
Last night my parents and I had a wonderful visit with our next-door neighbors, Fred and Jane. Fred showed us a splendid 3-D woodcut that he'd gotten from Germany. It was laser-cut wood. We were all duly impressed. Fred then told us of the one thing that was missing: there'd been a light hanging from the top and illuminating the inside. He then showed us the light, a rather heavy-handed affair, looking for all the world like a nightlight from the 1970s. For all we know that's what it might have originally been. We decided a small white LED lamp might look better after I demonstrated how it would look with my LED penlight. And so, I was commissioned to build one. That's what I made today, as you can see above. I happened to have an old power indicator LED PC board from an old computer laying around, which made things easier. I drilled a .25" hole for the switch, and connected the LED, switch, and 2xAAA battery box.
Ét violá!

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