Saturday, December 23, 2006

MIT researchers explore method of transferring electricity wirelessly - Wikinews

This is truly news. I've read a lot of Tesla's works, and as soon as I had the time and money, I wanted to try this myself. His ideas were and are revolutionary, and if the MIT folks get this right... well, let's just say, "Hold on to your butts. This is gonna be a ride."


Friday, December 22, 2006

Becoming a Citizen of the Web

It looks as though, due to classes, my geek factor has been suffering of late. I didn't even know what digg or were for until today. Took a look, and man, no wonder they're being used so much. Between these two pages, flickr, skype, slashdot, and facebook, you've got all you ever need for news and to stay connected. Truly, one seems unable to be a "citizen" of the web without having at least a blog and an account on all of these (or similar alternate) services.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


My mom brought me home a sandwich. When she asked me how it was, I responded, "You don't want to ask me anything right now. I'll respond by giving an answer in cartesian coordinates of where it's triggering taste buds on my tongue."
Yesterday I turned a Zip drive into a speaker. Details later.
This week:
Monday: GRE (680V/680M Yay!)
Tuesday: Mathematical Methods in Physics in-class final and Johnny Moseley at Campmor
Wednesday: Work, climbing, and take-home finals in Advanced Mechanics and Electrodynamics (Electricity and Magnetism or E&M to the uninitiated)
Thursday: Differential Equations paper due and in-class final, and Katie comes home!

Who said being a Physics major couldn't be fun?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A December Repreive

Okay, so this blogging has not been going well.
But in the meantime:
- I've managed to become a member of NJSAR
- I've written a few short story bits
- I've run two hiking trips, one an overnighter with stargazing
- I've made the lab at school a little bit less of a mess
- I've applied to grad school (WE ARE... PENN STATE!)
- \lim_{t\rightarrow\infty}{(knowledge(LaTeX))}>>0
(If you can read that last line, you're almost as much of a geek as I am.)
- I've rapelled/abseiled
- I've made a good sized stack of lumber
- I've written yet another publishable paper and done a talk: presentation [PDF]
In short, I've kept myself busy, and even if I didn't build something physical and new every single day, the spirit of that commitment has been kept up.
By the by, I also discovered Piled Higher and Deeper. Read it.

And finally, I got my first issue of Make magazine.