Sunday, January 29, 2006

Biofuel Blowout

Well then!
Thursday morning I left for Troy's with my dad. We got up to Masonville, NY, and found Troy. It wasn't too long before we were down in the basement of one of the houses he owns, putting together plans for a WVO reprocessing system to be used with his oil furnace. With us were Troy's son Vaughn, a welder and car mechanic, Gary, an electrician/hvac tech/plumber, and Alex, a semi-retired manufacturing engineer. We were somewhat stymied by the whole filtering aspect of production, but we continued on, working on a 5:1 WVO/methanol mix which we found that evening to be quite good for our purposes.
I've also found out that Troy wants to do biofuels in a big way. As he says it, "I wanna F**K an oil company!" Much of the knowledge I gained from this visit was useful in deciding how to do that, such as that there are many people in the Delaware County region of New York who are currently farming Canola specifically for use as an oil fuel source.
So that's what took up Thursday and Friday. Yesterday, Saturday, I had work all day, and then my parents arrived back from Masonville that night. Later, I had the hard task of going through plans and articles online to see what the cheapest, easiest way of making biodiesel from WVO might be. This site has some of the best information out there.
And now to make the filtration system plans...

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