Sunday, January 01, 2006

My First Mechanism

Yes, that's a clock movement.
I've unbuilt and reassembled this one.
The interesting thing about this is the part that you don't see. Somehow, in my variously well-spent youth of dissasembling small household items, I never got around to a quartz clock movement. Let me tell you, it's been an experience. The gears are tiny, and the motor isn't so much a motor as a solenoid with a magnetic bead between the poles. It's amazing how it works!

What I did:
I took apart and reassembled the movement (technically cheating, since I did it last year, i.e. 3 days ago). I then put the small ball-chain on the minute hand part of the crown assembly, and put the zip tie on the hour hand part of the crown assembly. I then put the copper 12-hour reset delimiter wire on. This can now act as either a variable minute or variable hour timer, and can either pull something with the chain, or switch something with a wire glued to the zip tie. Ladies and gentlemen, a mechanical timer, for your viewing pleasure.

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