Thursday, January 05, 2006

What time does the penguin on top of the telly explode?

Eight o'clock.
Intercourse the penguin!

I spent a good bit of today making up and packing my kit for the search and rescue drill I'll be doing with NJSAR on Sunday. We'll be hiking around Anthony Wayne for a while (i.e. 7 miles). I went in to work this evening to find that I wasn't actually scheduled, and found I'd been reading my co-worker Matt's schedule, a line below mine. They let me stay the four hours to re-organize the Books and Maps section, anyway.
I'm reading another great book, now that I'm done with The Know-it-All: Spider Robinson's Callahan's Key. A fabulous read. I just regret not reading the other books in the series first, but this just looked too interesting at the Ridgewood library to pass up, and they didn't have any others from the series.
Apologies for no pictures; further updates as events warrant...

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