Friday, April 10, 2009

Smoking Dremel!

I hate it when a Dremel, especially a real, brand-name Dremel tool, begins emitting smoke. This happened to me today when I was cutting an aluminum case for a temperature controller that I was making at work.
Temperature Controller
I was making this controller for this heater that I made for our film-stretching machine.
Film Heater


Anonymous said...

Not to offend you, but have you thought about using the _right_ tools for what you are trying to do? I see you argue that a physics degree gives you the best of both worlds (electrical & mechanical engineering). So, does it really then?

Pete Marchetto said...

I agree. I wish, however, that my lab had the budget for some of the things we need. Since we have to keep it low cost, I usually borrow sheet metal nippers (the right tool for the job) when I need to do something like this. However, they weren't available, so I improvised, and voila! A smoking dremel.

Also, using the right tool for the job is an acquired skill; something taught by experience, not something that can be taught in school. I am still young and inexperienced.

historypak said...

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