Friday, April 03, 2009

Hack Pittsburgh, etc.

Recently, while looking around at Pittsburgh, where I'll be moving at the end of next month, I came upon a new hackerspace that's coming online over there: Hack Pittsburgh. After perusing the forums, I quickly found that they want some classes taught. Meanwhile, I've also been in communication with dorkbot-pgh, which wants me to do a talk on AIAP and the accelerator in August. Plus which I also have a talk to do in October for MS&T in Pittsburgh. In short, it looks like my presentation skills are going to be in high demand, so I'd better brush up.

It's funny that, before I even move to Pittsburgh, I know that I'll have at least 3 evenings per month in meetings: Hack Pittsburgh, dorkbot-pgh, and 2600. I may also eventually join a wilderness SAR team to get back into that, so that's 4. Also, it's a very short hop from what I'm doing with the hacking/making groups to ham radio, so make it 5 with the Steel City Amateur Radio Club.

Not even moved yet, and already my schedule's filling up. Jeez!

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