Monday, July 30, 2007

Moving again.

So. Go there!
It inspired me to make a survey. Here it is:
If you are getting this letter, then you’ll soon find that I want some information from you. I recently was watching a vlog online where one of the persons involved sent out a survey to his friends and family. I liked this idea, and decided to duplicate it. Without any further ado, the questions:

1. What are the colors of the walls of the room you are in right now?
2. What are you doing?
3. How long will you be doing it for?
4. Whose turn is it to wax the hotel?
5. Do you plan on visiting a large city in the next year?
6. Can you e-mail me a picture of yourself doing something funny? (
7. What is your favorite vegetable?
8. How far is it from your house to the mailbox?
9. What kind of house do you live in right now?
10. This morning, what did the sun rise behind?
11. Where were you yesterday at noon?
12. How can particles have an energy commensurate with a deBroglie wavelength less than Planck length?
13. What are you reading right now?
14. What’s the best movie you’ve heard about and mean to see, but haven’t seen yet?
15. What is your current favorite music album?
16. What is your favorite picture, and can you e-mail it to me? (see above)
17. How do you feel about the course the space program is currently taking?
18. Would you prefer dark, milk, white, or no chocolate?
19. What do you do when you come to the end of the path?
20. How far are you from N40.81234° W77.89308°?
21. How’s the dating situation?
22. Where did you put that $4 that you don’t owe me?
23. When can you come visit?
24. Create your own question, drawing, or whatever here, and answer it:

Thank you for your time and participation. My answers, along with yours, once I get them, will be up on my blog:


My answers:

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