Monday, March 19, 2007

If you're a geocacher, read no further

Because this contains spoilers!
Elements (GC11FN0) is almost done! It's a labyrinth created using an interesting rectangular desing I thought up. In a square, the two axes (NS and EW) would be equal in length, and therefore C (the crossing of the axes), C* (the crossing complement, or the opposite of the crossing across the center), and X (the center) would be the same point. since the axes are not equal, and in fact meet in the IV quadrant of the rectangle (given that the origin is at the center), then I have the freedom to make people wander from clue book to clue book, checking the elevation and bearing of the next stage (but not range, eh!) along a nearly nautiloid spiral until I deposit them at a huge cache at X!
X. It marks the spot!

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