Sunday, April 02, 2006

Well, Let's See...

What have I been up to?
-Plotting the gravitational field of Saturn and its rings to see if there's some possibility of generating a perspective on gravity quantization from this data.
-Composing yet more music, and being asked to play at a concert at my church, among other things (details to follow).
-School work.
-Designing an amorphous metal-based pressure sensor.
-Reviving part of the trombum as a dijeridoo for Rob.
-Reading far too much Spider Robinson.
-More school work.
-Setting up a vibration-reducing coil housing for my independent study.
-Working at Campmor.
-Teaching myself discrete structures mathematics (since my professor's not doing it).
-Working on the energy audit of my school.
-Still more school work.
-Writing a review paper for my independent study.
-Etc., etc., etc.

Yes, it's been rather busy. I'll post as often as I can.

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