Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fwd: Your Survey, answered

Begin forwarded message:

From: Max Kingston <
Date: August 4, 2007 6:11:22 PM EDT
Subject: Your Survey, answered

Hey Pete,

This was very cool. Hope you don't mind my answering too - I thought
the questions were wild!

1. Color of the walls - PINK
2. Doing - Diary writing
3. How long will I be doing it? - 10 minutes
4. Turn to wax the hotel - MINE, sadly always mine.
5. Visit large city in the next year? No
6. Pic of me doing something funny - not that funny but ok (see attached)
7. Fav veggie? Carrots
8. House to mailbox? 1-1/2 miles
9. House we live in now - apartment, second floor
10. Sun rose behind - 50 ft trees to my North and East
11. Yesterday at noon - I was on my way to Englewood Library
12. Particles of energy - Totally got me there, Pete - what are
deBroglie wavelengths and Planck lengths?
13. Reading right now - "The Art of Dreaming" by Carlos Castaneda
14. Best movie heard of not seen yet - Pan's Labrynth
15. Current fav music album - Mariah Carey's "Music Box"
16. Fav pic - see attached
17. Course of space program currently - I don't like moving away from
manned, re-useable shuttles. I don't want to see a Military or
Industrial or Colonizing or even Scientific Base on the Moon. I would
love to see manned flight to Mars. I would also want to see MORE Space
Stations like the ISS...
18. Dark, milk, white, or no chocolate? Dark chocolate (NO CHOCOLATE?
Don't make me panic, Pete!)
19. What do you do when you come to the end of the path? Watch where
the water and the animals go...
20. How far am I from Lat. N 40.81*/Long. W 77.89*? +N 0.08*/-W 3.91*.
21. How's the dating situation? Unfortunate. Enough said...
22. $4 I don't owe you? in the laundry money jar.
23. Can come and visit? After your honeymoon - let me know!
24. Create my own question and answer it - What is the best thing you
have EVER learned? To love and forgive myself, so that I can put
myself in other people's shoes and love and forgive them too.

God bless you and your future Mrs., Pete!

Jeanne (Harry's Mom)